the Cancer Plan

The Cancer Plan


Ensuring access to timely and high-quality cancer care is critical for improving outcomes for patients in our state. One way to facilitate high-quality cancer care is to make certain that all patients have access to optimal treatment and careful coordination of care at cancer centers certified through the Commission on Cancer Accreditation Program. Many independent community oncology practices are also moving toward accreditation via the Commission on Cancer as Oncology Medical Homes. Additionally, opportunities for patients to learn about and participate in cancer clinical trials should be promoted. Other patient care initiatives to promote through the Alliance include access to oral chemotherapy, genetic counseling for populations at high risk for cancer, wide-scale dissemination of information about controlling the side effects of cancer and its treatment, and patient navigation—a process of assisting patients through complicated decision-making about treatment and clinical trials.



Identify and establish relationships with cancer treatment centers in South Carolina to increase capacity for survivorship.


Increase educational opportunities on quality-of-life improvement practices for SC cancer survivors and support systems.


Increase the number of South Carolina cancer care centers that explicitly state they offer survivorship services.


To enhance the quality of life of the child, adolescent, and/or young adult patients with cancer from diagnosis through treatment to survivorship across the life span.


Conduct a statewide survey to identify existing psychosocial support mechanisms at each pediatric oncology treatment center.


Identify community resources for psychosocial support for children with cancer and their families.


Collaborate with other organizations to develop and maintain a statewide educational forum for educators, childhood cancer survivors, and family members that would address the issue of neurocognitive deficit and other issues such as identified by the pediatric cancer workgroup.