Pediatric Cancer: Supporting Your Child in the Classroom

The transition back to school can be hard for parents, especially without guidance. There are many different topics to consider and questions that need to be addressed directly between a child’s parents or guardian and the child’s teachers and school administrators. Since a child’s cancer diagnosis and treatment can interrupt their regular school routines, educators and administrators should be informed about how to best care for a student who is recovering from cancer. This information can have a great effect on a child’s social and academic development after they return to school.

Information for Parents

This section will help parents learn how to work with personnel and educators at their child’s school to meet their child’s needs after their cancer diagnosis.

Information for Educators

This section contains information that will help educators and school personnel to assist and support children with a cancer diagnosis in a school setting.

Share a "Get to Know My Child" Flyer with Parents

Take the first step to help parents share what their child needs to succeed in the classroom. Share a "Get to Know My Child" flyer, which parents can complete to highlight the student's educational needs.