Public Education


The Alliance develops South Carolina specific programs for individuals, patients, caregivers, and health care providers. Some of these programs are designed to increase screening rates in our underserved communities.  


We also provide annual funding to our workgroups to educate our communities about the importance of prevention and early detection of cancer.  


Patient Education


The Alliance offers patient workshops in a variety of locations across the state. These workshops are designed for cancer patients and their caregivers. We provide information on understanding treatment and survivorship care plans, clinical trials, nutrition and healthier lifestyle tips, and various ways to cope with cancer. 



Professional Education


The Alliance offers a variety of professional education opportunities through our evidence academies. These academies are designed to address the most up-to-date screenings, treatment options, best practices in survivorship/clinical care issues, and a variety of other topics. 

Each fall we host an annual meeting to highlight accomplishments of the previous year as well as develop evidence-based initiatives for the upcoming year. We also receive an update on the state cancer plan and statistics from the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry.